Kolkata water bill payment online

Kolkata Water Supply

How to apply for water in Kolkata.

A. Local office assistant Engineer should be contacted from the Department of Water Supply.

B.  One can also download the list of plumbers from the local office or from the website of the KMC.

C.  Once you choose the plumber, he will make the estimate.  This can be applied in a proper format and should be placed in front of the Assistant Engineer for the sanction of the connection.

D. One should deposit the cash and get the connection after sanction.

E. The fee for this process includes Road Restoration Fees, Road Opening Fees, Water Charges, Deposit Money, and Connection fees etc.

For getting private connection of water supply, application will be obtained at:

Online Tax Payment

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has introduced from 2010, the facility of paying property tax online through its  website, which enables a resident of Kolkata who owns a flat, house or any other real estate property to remit the half yearly property tax to the Corporation online.

All one needs to do this is access to internet and the facility of a computer, whether on one’s own or through a browsing centre.

Following are the Procedure and steps for online Kolkata property tax payment

For remitting property tax online to Kolkata Municipal Corporation, one has to open the website

https://www.kmcgov.in/KMCPortal/HomeAction.do?, in which various services rendered by Bengal Government appear.