Kollam Corporation Property Tax

How to Pay Property Tax in  Kollam

is the site for Kerala Property tax payment online. All corporation and mulcipality tax payment can be done easily. Click on the below image to navigate to tax payment

Service industry dominates the Kerala economy.Kerala leads many other Indian states and territories in terms of per capita GDP (Rs.74,620) and economic productivity, and Kerala's Human Development Index is the best in India. According to the Global Hunger Index 2008, the severity of hunger situation in Kerala is "serious", which is better than the grade "alarming" received by many Indian states. Kerala's low GDP and productivity figures juxtaposed with higher development figures than in most Indian states is often dubbed the "Kerala Phenomenon" or the "Kerala Model" of development by economists, political scientists, and sociologists. This phenomenon arises mainly from Kerala's land reforms, social upliftment of entire communities and reforms introduced by the communist party which had held the state for a long period of time.[4] Some describe Kerala's economy as a "democratic socialist welfare state". Some, such as Financial Express, use the term "Money Order Economy".[5] Kerala's economic progress is above the national average, but relatively few major corporations and manufacturing plants are headquartered in Kerala.