Property Tax in Chennai

Property Tax

In respect of property tax collection it was proposed applying extensive use of information technology initiating people friendly among the Revenue Department Officials at all levels.

Property tax collection shall be collected through Online and offline mode. In Online mode, we shall effect collection through internet Banking credit card and counter payment at zonal offices of Chennai Corporation.

In the offline mode, takes shall be collected through Electronic Clearing Scheme (ECS) and walk-in-payment facility in the following Banks.

ICICI, I.B., IDBI., HDFC., Dhanalakshmi Bank, UTI Bank and SBI. Both these facilities again shall be semi-online nature.

The collection of property tax when compare to last 10 years it is always in upward Trend.

Profession Tax

  • Individuals
  • Private Establishment
  • Salaried People (Central and State Govt.)
  • Company
Every Company transacts business and every person who is engaged actively or otherwise in any Profession, Trade, Calling and Employment with the Chennai Corporation city limits has to pay half-yearly Profession Tax, as per section 138C of Tamilnadu Municipal Laws Second Amendment Act 59 of 1998. The tax rates are given below in the table in Form-2. for assessment of Profession Tax has to make an application for registration. The Corporation of Chennai will assign a permanent number in the style of PTNAN.

Based on the gross income declared by the Half Yearly Profession Tax will be calculated as per the Table given below:
Sl.No. Average half yearly Income From To Half yearly Profession Tax
1 Upto Rs.21,000/- - NIL
2 Rs.21,001,/- to  Rs.30,000/- - Rs.100/-
3 Rs. 30,001/- to  Rs.45,000/- - Rs.235/-
4. Rs.45,001/- to  Rs.60,000/- - Rs.510/-
5 Rs.60,001/- to  Rs.75,000/- - Rs.760/-
6 Rs. 75,001/- and above - Rs.1095/-

Company Tax

The assessment and collection of Company Tax are coming under the Provisions of tax section 110 and Schedule IV of the C.C.M.C. Act 1919.

If the Council by a resolution determine that a tax on companies shall be levied, every company which, after the date specified in the notice published under sub-section(2) of section 98-A transacts business within the city any half year not less then sixty days with aggregate shall pay, in addition to any licence fee that may be leviable under this Act, a half yearly tax assessed in accordance with the rules Schedule-IV, but in no case exceeding rupees one Thousand.
Assessment of Companies (See section 110)
Companies shall be assessed by the Commissioner on the following scale:
  Paid-up capital Lakhs of rupees Half-yearly Tax (Rs.)
A. Less than one 100
B. One and more than one, but less than two 200
C. Two and more than two, but less than three 300
D. Three and more than three, but less than five 400
E. Five and more than five, but less than ten 500
F. Ten and above 1000
Provided that any company, the head or a principal office of which is not in the city and which shows that its gross income received in or from the city in the year immediately preceding the year of taxation:
(a) has not exceeded Rs.5,000 shall pay only 25 rupees per half-year.
(b) has exceeded Rs.5,000 but has not exceeded Rs.10,000 shall pay only 50 rupees per half-year:
(c) has exceeded Rs.10,000 but and has not exceeded Rs.20,000 shall pay only 100 rupees per half-year.
(d) has exceeded Rs.20,000 shall pay per half year 100 rupees together with a sum calculated at the rate of 25 rupees per half year for every 5000 rupees of part thereof of gross income in excess of Rs.20,000 subject to a maximum half-yearly tax of 1,000 rupees.
Provided further that when a company, the head or a principal office of which is not in the city becomes liable to tax for the first time, it shall pay in the first year at tax of 25 rupees; but if the gross income of the company during such year is subsequently found to have exceeded 5,000 rupees, it shall pay the tax calculated in accordance with the above mentioned scale less the initial payment of 25 rupees.

Trade Licence:

All the licenceable trades have been booked and collected Licence fees with Conservancy charges. After observing all formalities licence fees were collected and licence issued to the licencees. Accordingly 29046 licencees have paid Rs.6.04 crore towards licence fees for the year 2011-2012 and got the licences.

Payment of Tax

  • Property tax shall be paid within 15 days form the Commencement of the Half Year.
  • Payment can be made in all Zonal Offices and at Ripon Building by Cheque or D.D. in favour of Revenue Officer, Corporation of Chennai.
  • Payments can also be made in designated Branches of IOB/MCC Bank in each ward.
  • Payment can be made Online by visiting the web site of Chennai Corporation ( and also through S.B.I., Indian Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI, Dhanalakshmi Bank, UTI, HDFC Banks. Payments also can be made through credit cards.
  • Payments can also be made by subscribing to the services of Bill Junction and Bill Desk.
  • Payments can be made by subscribing to the Electronic Clearance Scheme by submitting mandate Form.