Srilanka Water Bill Payment online

Water Bill Payment and Water bill amount Calculation online
Srilanka has the facility to pay the bill online through the NWSDB site. The bill amount calculator helps to estimate the amount based on the consumed units.
Call 1939 for seeking information or any complaints
For online water bill payment first its required to register in the NWSDB site:
Step 01
Visit the NWSDB Web Site
Step 02
Select “Pay Online Your Water Bills”
Step 03
Select “Sign up for Online Payment”
Step 04
Fill up the Registration Form. Please do not leave any space in the NIC No.(Ex: 123456789v is correct. 123456789 v is incorrect). The name and address should be similar to what is appeared in the Water Bill. If you want to change the Name and address of the Water Bill please be good enough to contact the NWSDB Office. Once data has been filled, click on "Register".
A message will appear to state that your on line payment login ID has been created.
Click on OK. You will return to pay on line dialog box.
The NWSDB will confirm your registration within one working day. Once registration is confirmed by the NWSDB you can make payment of water bills using Credit Cards.
Step 01: Visit the NWSDB Web Site
Step 02: Select “Pay Online Your Water Bills”. A dialog box appears.
Step 03: Enter the NIC No and press Login. In order to make payment you have to login using the previously registered NIC No.
If you type the NIC No correctly a screen will appear displaying your Name, NIC No, Water Bill No, etc. There are two options. One is to pay Regular Bills. The other one is to pay Red Bills. Select your option.
Step 04: Type the amount to be paid and click on Pay Now. Then HSBC dialog box appears.
Step 04: Select whether Mastercard or Visa Card. A form will appear to enter the credit card details. Any credit card may be used.
Step 05:  Provide card details and click on Pay.
A message will appear to state that your payment has been accepted.
Finally a receipt will appear on the screen. You may get a print out of the receipt.